What is thermography?

Thermography is a totally non-invasive, painless procedure with no radiation, compression or contact with the body .This screening may detect the subtle changes that may accompany breast pathology whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease infection or even hormone imbalance.


It’s a great option for those with dense or fibrous breast tissue, implants, history of breast cancer, radiation sensitivity, or those who do not fit the age requirement for mammography. This imaging gives you a marker that should never change.   You may choose to have us send your thermal images to your healthcare practitioner to help diagnose or monitor progression or regression of a disease in any part of your body.


Thermography is safe for those with breast implants or dense breasts.

Is thermography covered by insurance?

At this time there are not any cpt or ICD9 codes required by the insurance companies to reimburse for thermography. However, we do accept Health Savings Accounts.

What should I expect during a screening?

During your screening you will be asked about your current medical history. You will undress behind a screen and you will be seated behind the screen for privacy. The imaging only takes a few minutes for the breast or up to 30 minutes for the whole body. You will then get dressed and have an opportunity to see all of your images.

Your follow up screening.

Thermography works best by detecting change over time.  Like your thumb print is exclusive to you and will never change, your thermography images are exclusive to you and should never change. If a change should occur then it can give your doctor an opportunity to investigate further knowing where to look based on the images and report from the doctor interpreting your images.


After your first screening, it is recommended that you have a follow up screening 3 months later to establish a stable baseline then annually from there. The body screenings do not require a follow up screening in three months.

Who interprets the images?

Medical doctors whom are board certified in thermography interpret all images. They have thousands of hours of experience. They do not contact you directly. Your thermographer will be the one to send you your full written report and color images. Due to interstate laws, the doctors cannot speak with you directly but if there is a concern, they may consult with your doctor.

Can I wear deodorant and other preparations?

Yes, you may wear a small amount of deodorant. But please refrain from vigorous exercise or yoga the day of your screenings, If possible wear loose fitting clothes. You can not be screened if you have a sunburn or have gone to a tanning bed within 24 hours of your appointment. Your burn must be completely healed.

Do I still need a mammogram?

Women choose to have thermograms for many reasons. Your thermographer is unable to advise you whether you should have a mammogram. This is something you need to discuss with your health care provider and decide what is right for you yourself. A doctor’s referral is not needed to have a thermography screening. When thermography, breast self - exam and mammography are used together your chances of finding a health concern earlier are significantly higher.


 Until such a time as there is a cure for breast cancer, progress must be made in the fields of early detection coupled with sound clinical decision-making.

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