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Meet our Epigenetic Specialist

Meet our Epigenetic Specialist, Denice Krebs, CHC, DNA Detective. Deniece has been helping women solve their mystery health challenges for years. She drills all the way down to their DNA and then works her way out by:

  • understanding and re-building cellular health
  • getting rid of toxins impacting every cell’s health
  • adding in the right micronutrients based on your personalized DNA
  • balancing hormones

Genetics vs EPIgenetics – they work hand in hand. The biggest key that Deniece tries to instill in her clients is empowerment. Your DNA is NOT your DESTINY!  Your DNA is simply your foundational instruction manual. The true key is the EPIgenetic layer – lifestyle choices and environmental impact. Here is where the real power comes from!

Deniece, at heart, is a teacher and coach. She loves to educate you on YOU and then empower you to know how to make the best choices based on The Code of YOU. Discovering and understanding your personal instruction manual provides so many keys to unlock your optimal health journey.

Deniece’s passion is to support professional women to own their health, be their best health advocate, and life their purpose. If you are ready to finally get to the bottom of your health challenges, then let’s get to cracking YOUR code!

crack The Code of YOU!

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