What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound procedure is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure used to assess soft tissue structures, such as muscles, blood vessels, and organs, as well as developing fetuses.


Ultrasound uses a transducer that sends out ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency too high to be heard. When the transducer is placed at certain locations and angles, the ultrasonic sound waves move through the skin and other body tissues to the organs and structures within. The sound waves bounce off the organs like an echo and return to the transducer. The transducer picks up the reflected waves, which are then converted by a computer into an electronic picture.


A water-based gel is placed between the transducer and the skin to allow for smooth movement of the transducer over the skin and to eliminate air between the skin and the transducer, ensuring the best sound conduction.


With the use of Doppler during an ultrasound procedure, blood flow can be assessed. The Doppler evaluates the velocity and direction of blood flow in the vessel and makes the sound waves audible.


Ultrasounds are used to view internal organs as they function (in “real time,” like a live TV broadcast) and to assess blood flow through various vessels. Ultrasound procedures are often used to examine many parts of the body, such as the abdomen, breasts, female pelvis, prostate, scrotum, thyroid and parathyroid glands, and the vascular system. During pregnancy, ultrasounds are performed to evaluate the development of the fetus.

Preparing for Your Ultrasound Exam

Below, please find a list of the ultrasound procedures that we offer. Some ultrasound exams require special preparation. Click on any procedure to review a detailed procedure description and corresponding exam preparation, if required. It is important that you follow the preparation guidelines so the sonographer can obtain the best possible images.


*All ultrasounds require a physician's order. Please fax to 859-554-7378 prior to examination date.

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